New Land Development Code released


The city released a draft of the new LDC (land development code) yesterday. The board of Friends of Heritage is reviewing it, but we’re all neighbors with our own perspectives so take a look too! Here are some links to get you started:

LDC draft:

From that page you’ll find:
Interactive map that lets you zoom in and click on lots to see their current and proposed zoning:

Zoning code PDF that explains what the zones allow:
You can download the PDF and search for specific zones.

Staff report summarizing the code changes and rationale:

Main zoning in Heritage:

  • Interior is primarily zoned R2B which looks pretty close to what we have now: detached housing with accessory dwelling units (ADUs) or duplexes.
  • In the block or so near Guadalupe & Lamar there is a transition zone and zoning goes to R4 which allows 4 units in its base zoning and 4 more units with bonuses for a total max of 8 units.
  • Closest to the corridors is zoned RM1 (Residential Multi-unit) which allows 6 units as the base zoning with an additional 4 bonus units for a total max of 10 units.
  • Along the corridors are various mixed-use type zonings with no required parking except that ADA parking requirements must be met.
  • The occupancy limit has been raised to 6 unrelated adults for a dwelling unit rather than the current 4 for an entire structure. The use of “dwelling unit” implies that a duplex could have 12 unrelated adults total (6 on each side).

One change from CodeNext is that on the other side of Guadalupe the North University neighborhood (NUNA) has similar zoning (RM1) on parcels near Guadalupe, while CodeNext kept single-family zoning. There are areas throughout the city where zoning was increased where it wasn’t in CodeNext, such as Tarrytown where Westover Road now has RM1 zoning between Mopac and Exposition.

There will be a town hall on the LDC for district 9 this Thursday Oct 10 from 7 - 9 pm at City Hall where we can ask questions of city staff.