Mission activity for FOH Meeting


Hi all –
Let’s start off 2019 by checking-in on the FOH mission and purpose. We have stated goals, and ethos and vision (http://www.friendsofheritage.org/), however it is always a good idea to re-surface such guiding principals and bringing more members into the crafting of them. I propose an interactive activity for this evening’s event at Austin Pizza.

"Start with Why"*
Most organizations and companies know what they do, and many know how they do it. But only the most successful organizations know why they do what they do. Let’s work together to better articulate the " why " for the Friends of Heritage. This will help us create a shared understanding of purpose, and will help guide our organization in many dimensions moving forward.

While you grab some pizza, grab a sharpie and some sticky notes. Take about five minutes to yourself, and write one idea per sticky, placing them in the categories of what, how and why. Write as many many individual ideas as you like. Next, we will gather around to read out and cluster similar ideas together to find patterns across our thinking. At the next meeting, the board will take these inputs into discussion for helping craft the Friends of Heritage Mission.


This activity borrows ideas from the book “Start With Why,” by Simon Sinek, 2009.


Thanks Kara! I’m excited about this exercise. It’s a fun way to get neighbors talking about what we want Friends of Heritage to represent.


Great discussion tonight! Thanks to all who participated in defining the “what,” “how,” and “why” for FOH! Next steps to stay tuned in for: The board will take all of the inputs to identify if the current ethos/vision should be modified.

Photos from tonight’s meeting: https://imgur.com/a/ZsoOBcl