Missing Black Lab


Hi all,
We live at 710 W 35th. Early this afternoon, our dog Trapper escaped. Please keep an eye out for him. He’s a puppy, extremely energetic, playful and quick. He’s half black lab and half blue heeler; he’s sheer black (except for a streak of white beneath his neck), with brown eyes. Mid-sized dog. He can be a bit much — barking, jumping around, chasing other dogs — but he’s loving and fun. We miss him so much and want him back.
Thank you,
Max and Molly
(831) 227-7903


PS Trapper is wearing a brown leather collar but his name tag has come off.


We’ll keep an eye out for him Max! If you haven’t posted to Next Door yet, that’s a great place to do so because the post will go out to adjacent neighborhoods too.


Thank you, John; I haven’t tried Next Door yet but I will.