Mayor Adler suggests considering stopping CodeNEXT


Mayor Steve Adler dropped an $8 million bombshell on CodeNEXT Wednesday afternoon with a post to City Council‘s online message board. In a long statement, in which Adler called the land use code rewrite process “so divisive and poisoned,” he asked his colleagues to consider killing CodeNEXT and directing City Manager Spencer Cronk to help create a new process that “will help us move forward together.“

Full text is here:

Two excerpts:

We should consider the option: cease the CodeNEXT process and ask the City Manager to create a new process that will help us move forward together.

I keep hearing from too many people that the CodeNEXT process is being pushed by greedy developers intent only on making money from the misfortune of others. But all we need to do is listen to Council Members Casar, Garza, and others to know that this is untrue. I keep hearing from yet others that the folks opposing CodeNEXT are all racists intent on keeping people of color out of their neighborhoods. But all we need to do is listen to Mayor Pro Tem Tovo, Council Member Alter, and others to know that this, too, is untrue.


Wow! A bold move for sure. Definitely seem like an impasse, so perhaps it’s necessary.

My first thought was that this is a savvy move to outflank Laura Morrison in the mayoral race by jettisoning an unpopular process. But now, if Adler isn’t going to drive the code next process I don’t know who will. Ultimately, I expect council will agree to scrap it in its current format.

I’m Curious to see what our new city manager Mr. Cronk has in store. After the city’s goofy double-secret selection process, expectations are high but I’m optimistic.