Looking for donations of Christmas Lights for 37th Street


This was posted on Next Door and I’m passing it along. Folks along 37th Street are looking for donations of lights. For those of you who haven’t lived in Austin long, 37th Street used to be AMAZING during the holidays, completely covered in crazy funky lights and sculptures and art, and the residents are working to bring some of that magic back.
NextDoor post link: https://nextdoor.com/news_feed/?post=96984062

Hello again,

As the boxes of holiday decorations come out of the garage, the 37th Street Royal Lights Society is reaching out for donations of any unused lights or weird sculptures that might be taking up space in your garage or VW bus. Thanks to everyone that donated last year, every little bit helps bring some more lights back to the street. Donations are especially helpful for the many student renters on the street that may only be here for one season. If the strands are partially dead, we will happily take them off your hands and try to resuscitate them or use them as accent pieces.

We can pick up in the local area or you are welcome to drop them off at the first house east of Guadalupe on 37th, 507 W 37th 78705, look for the T-Rex and swans.

12/8 is our planned kickoff where we hope to have the majority of lights installed and I will create another post about that the week of.

For newer residents of Austin, our small block of 37th Street east of Guadalupe has been the site of some amazing and weird lights since the 80s. The main architect of it did sadly move away in 2008 leading it to fade, but a few years ago a group of the next generation on the street that grew up visiting the lights started working to bring back some of the magic. Best way to visit is by walking the street as some displays are in the back of yards or too subtle to see when driving by.

Robert Foster