Help shape Austin's mobility future!


Your input can help shape Austin’s mobility future

On March 28, the Austin Transportation Department, Capital Metro, and other transportation partners hosted Traffic Jam! Taking it to the Streets, where we invited the public to discuss Austin’s transportation future. Several hundred people attended the open house where they reviewed information on the City’s Austin Strategic Mobility Plan and Capital Metro’s Project Connect, asked questions of technical staff and provided feedback.

At the event, the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan team unveiled its MetroQuest survey, which asks the public to weigh in on three different scenarios for Austin’s future transportation network. These three scenarios are based on thousands of comments from public outreach in 2016 and 2017. Austin Transportation will use the feedback on these scenarios to develop the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan. The survey is available online at through May 31.


Any idea what happened to the rapid transit stops that were supposed to be going up on Guadalupe around 30th?


Gayle, the last I heard was that construction on the new stops, including at Wheatsville, would begin sometime this year and wrap up by the end of 2018. That was from December, but it still had to go through permitting and bidding for the construction.