DRAFT: Supporting the CodeNext process


The following is a draft resolution. Ask questions, offer suggestions, and share your thoughts so we are better informed and have a strong resolution for the final vote that starts this Friday Oct 27.

Supporting the CodeNext process

Friends of Heritage supports the CodeNext process. Austin’s land use code needs to be updated and we will work with the city to create a better code.

We support a mix of renters & owners, Heritage’s diversity of housing on the interior, and encouraging denser development on the corridors to promote walking, biking, and mass transit over cars. The Austin metro area is projected to double in population over the next 30 years. Increased density in Austin is necessary to prevent sprawl, protect the environment, and keep Austin affordable.

All neighborhoods in Austin should shoulder the effects of the city’s growth so that no one neighborhood has to bear the brunt of that growth. Assigning growth to only limited neighborhoods speeds displacement via rapid property value changes in limited parts of the city.


The last sentence needs clarification. I’m can’t imagine that all neighborhoods could, or should equally bear the brunt of growth. Good growth depends on access to transportation, shopping, banks, work, etc. Therefore, it makes sense that neighborhoods closer to city centers would make better density targets.


You’re absolutely right. Our intent is not to say that all neighborhoods should have the same zoning but simply that all neighborhoods should be part of CodeNext zoning. Under the current CodeNext draft North University, which is opposite Guadalupe from Heritage, and nearby Hyde Park are both excluded from CodeNext zoning and instead keep their current zoning. As close-in University-area neighborhoods it is appropriate that they have similar zoning under CodeNext as Heritage.

If you think we could adjust the wording to make it clearer that we don’t mean “equally,” let us know. Thanks for your feedback!