CodeNEXT and compatibility standards


Last Wednesday city council discussed a CodeNEXT topic that impacts Heritage: the transition from taller buildings on corridors like Guadalupe, Lamar, 34th, and 38th Street transition to single-family homes. Current code has compatibility standards that limits building height based upon the distance to single family homes. How this will be managed under CodeNEXT is being discussed.

The Austin Chronicle covered this in its Public Notice column:

The excellent Austin Monitor had a more detailed article. You have to subscribe to the Monitor to read it, but I’ll put in a plug that I have found it well worth the small monthly cost to subscribe to the non-profit Austin Monitor to support and have access to its in-depth local coverage:

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Thanks for the articles, John! It seems like everyone’s having the same troubles getting down to a decision about CodeNEXT. People say they want density but don’t want much to change.

Balancing the current issues around affordability, traffic, etc., with the fears that people have about how it will affect their neighborhoods is most important here but it seems that current homeowners, and the status quo that comes along with it, is winning out. Kathy Tovo’s statement about looking for middle ground seems to miss that this is already based on a number of compromises, which keeps moving CodeNEXT back towards the current code.

Where are we with CodeNEXT now? Is there a timeline for making a decision on this?