City Projects Information!


Hello everyone,

There a lot of interesting information out there on city projects that are completed, in progress, or planned for the future, but it’s tough to find it! I thought this may be interesting.

To see what’s going on right now, you take a look at the 2018 local mobility plan’s interactive map here: Make sure to click on the “layers” icon (which looks like three sheets of paper stacked vertically) to get to all the details. You can see planned sidewalk expansions, areas identified as future urban trails, and many other things.

For information more specifically about sidewalks, check out the Sidewalk Program Projects interactive map here: You can see sidewalk projects that are coming in the very near future, and it’s updated frequently.

Finally, see where your money’s gone! For projects related to the 2016 mobility bond, you can see what’s been accomplished and what is still being planned here: Make sure to click on the “regional,” “corridor,” or “local” tabs on the left so you can specifically choose specific topics of interest.