Check out the proposed Heritage-North University-Rosedale bike route


The city is planning a bike route that would go through Heritage. You can read about the proposal in their virtual open house. The route would run north/south through our neighborhood, starting at 29th St & Rio Grande, then at 30th Street would head over to West Ave and continue north crossing 38th St into the Central Market shopping center where it would connect to 40th St.

The plan includes a more detailed map of the part that runs through Heritage showing the changes that would be made. (Note: the PDF is slow to load. The bottom of the map is 29th Street with Guadalupe in the middle. Faint blue lines indicate the outer bounds of the route and there are text labels where specific changes are proposed.)

Key changes:

  • The route would have traffic calming, probably using speed cushions, along the entire route and speed limits would be 20 to 25 MPH. This could help with our problem of cars using 30th St and West Ave as cut-through streets and driving at high speeds.
  • Bikes would be encouraged to ride in the center of the street – the idea is that these roads will now prioritize bikes over cars rather than have dedicated bike lanes.
  • 31th St would have a speed bump just west of the traffic circle, and the sidewalk would be completed just west of the traffic circle. Parking would also be restricted on 31th St just west of the traffic circle, I assume because they’ll need to take part of the road to get space for the sidewalk.
  • Parking would be restricted on both sides of 34th St to provide for dedicated bike lanes on both sides. This would allow 34th to be part of a larger bike network that would feed into this new route.
  • The crosswalk at 31st & Lamar would get a median and other improvements to make crossing there easier.

The project page has a survey link at the bottom. Its two questions seem focused on the part west of Lamar, but there is a general feedback box too. And of course you can reply to this post for a friendly discussion on this proposal.