Annual meeting recap + board meeting on Monday


Thanks to everyone who turned out for the annual meeting. I think I like this pizza+meeting idea! A highlight was Kara’s mission brainstorming, which elicited a diverse set of ideas about what we should represent, why we do it, and how we should go about accomplishing our goals.

We elected a new board consisting of the current members plus a new addition: Paula Brown, who has lived in Heritage for decades and has a long history of working positively to make it a better place to live.

Friends of Heritage will hold a board meeting this Monday Feb 18 at 7 pm at the Pioneer Bank community room (623 W 38th St – enter the room from the rear of the building). All members are welcome to attend. We’ll plan our upcoming socials, discuss next steps on Austin’s land use/code reform, and go over the feedback from the mission activity.

Remember that you don’t need to attend board meetings to talk to us: you can always email the board at with questions and ideas. And you can always kick off a new topic here on the forum.